Where were you on 9/11?

Eddie from Ft. Lauderdale was 21 and was chasing his American Dream of becoming a DJ when 9/11 grounded his flight from Orlando to Cleveland. He was in the air when it happened. “The captain told us we had to make an emergency landing,” he recalls. “He wouldn’t tell us anything else, but my seat mate got a text from his mother that the World Trade Center was attacked.”
His plane put down somewhere in Indiana, and he and his friend were picked up and driven to their destination in Ohio.
“Upon entering the airport in Indiana, it was chaos!” says Eddie. He and his seat mate bellied up to the bar at Chili’s and watched the World Trade Center collapse into itself again and again and again on the tv.
“People were frantic—crying and scared,” he says. “I was just taking it in. But later when the president said we were going to war, I realized it was serious. Troops and deployment and war…I wondered if I would be drafted.
“I didn’t realize what any of it meant. I just knew nothing was the same and now we had to be careful. I had an idyllic childhood and suddenly there was all this fear instilled in us,” says Eddie.
“My poor mother was sorry she let me out of her sight.”

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