Tripping Through Time


I just found this New York City watch, which was given to me by my beloved grandparents, exactly 26 years ago. Talk about time travel!
Back then, I was living in Staten Island with my brother in an apartment that overlooked New York Bay. Our magnificent view featured the Statue of Liberty in the foreground and the NYC skyline behind her… Twin Towers and all. This watch depicts the view from the vantage of the Brooklyn Bridge, I believe.
It was bought in Delray Beach, FL when my grandparents were on vacation, and the guarantee is dated Feb. 11, 1990. That was a pivotal year that changed everything in my life. It boggles my mind to think about how I started out in Staten Island and ended up planning to move to Switzerland, which I did in 1991.
It’s ironic that I should find this watch and realize that it memorialized more than just a skyline… The notion of time embedded upon that which no longer exists made me think about they way the world has changed since I was that carefree girl having the time of my life traipsing about the streets of New York City; working in TV studios and plotting my future as a Swiss hausfrau. I’ve truly led a bizarre existence.
I continue to remind myself that it’s all by design. When I was ten years old, I became obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie series, which was written by the iconic Laura Ingalls Wilder–truly my first mentor. Nestled in the stories of a little girl like me who lived in 100 years in the past, I vowed to “live a life worth writing about.”
Little did I know, my entire existence was a story in and of itself that began before I was even born.
My own history aside, I went into journalism with the intent to write other peoples’ stories. And since graduating from the Scripps School of Journalism in 1987, that’s exactly what I’ve done.
Now I’m writing a blog. It’s very strange for me to be writing a blog, because I’m so used to writing for publications. I normally expect my raw material to go through the expert sieve of editors, but in my blog, I’m writing without that net. And it’s weird. I get to say whatever I want? REALLY??? (I hope I don’t hurt myself!)
So, one of my my first blog posts was a newsy feature story about Trump supporters. It was relevant and in-my-face, so I put it out there. Then the backlash began as my friends questioned the wisdom of “outing myself” as a conservative woman who thinks that Donald Trump is the best answer to the political problems we face today.
My opinions come from 50 years of living all over this country and in Switzerland as well. Always the consummate journalist, I’ve been careful not to inject my own opinions in my newspaper and magazine articles. As a result, no one suspected that I was an anomaly; a Jewish woman writer who isn’t a liberal Democrat.
I don’t necessarily agree with everything Mr. Trump says and does, but I understand that he is facing down a demonic media and establishment government that desperately wants to stop his efforts to revive a country that’s dying under the weight of socialist ideals and illogical notions about war and terrorism that could get us all killed.
Trump isn’t the enemy. Trump is fighting the enemy, and unfortunately for the regular people of this country it’s a dirty fight that most of us can’t even stomach. But If anyone knows how to battle in the media arena, it’s Trump.
This is my educated opinion as a world citizen (I am a dual-national) and working journalist who gets most of her news from actual sources. In my heart, I’m an American who loves her country and truly appreciates the freedom that was fought for by our grandparents. I quickly realized the excellence of this country when I lived overseas.
I watched the decade of the nineties from the relative calm and amazingly pristine beauty of Switzerland… as I helped to shelter refugee families from war-torn Yugoslavia and answer embarrassing questions about murderer O.J. Simpson and adulterer President Clinton.
The other day I got blocked by some woman on Twitter because she noticed that I said positive things about Trump. She went off on me as though I am hell-bent on destroying this wonderful country. REALLY? This country is already being destroyed by people in power who seem to actually be rooting for the terrorists. On 9/11 I believed that we were all witnessing the start of World War III. I still believe that. But President Obama and John Kerry and Hilary Clinton say that we have nothing to fear from the terrorists. In fact, they admonish Americans for being suspicious of those who wreak havoc in the world through the murder of innocents while screaming about the greatness of their “God”.
Trump and the other Republican candidates do acknowledge the need to check out mosques and neighborhoods where Sharia law rules and infidels like us are marked for death…and taxes. If common sense equals bigotry, then sign me up.
Maybe my comments will stop some people from buying my book, and that’s okay. I can’t please everyone, but if I get to be myself in my own blog and say what I want, then I am going to be honest about what I think. You might not like what I say, but at least you’ll know it’s coming from my heart. God Bless America. Never Forget 9/11.

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