She knew one of the terrorists!

Helen McGrath of Ft. Meyers, FL is in her 90’s, but she still remembers 9/11 Like It Was Yesterday…. (She’s not the woman who met the terrorist.)

On March 11th, I spoke to the Yacht Club Colony Ladies Club in Ft. Myers, FL about my award-winning book, Like It Was Yesterday – A Journalist’s Files Since 9/11. The discussion about how 9/11 has changed our society was lively and even inspired one woman to reveal to the rest of us that she actually met one of the 9/11 terrorist pilots in a South Florida flight training school! She said the man showed her and her husband a photo of his wife and two children and bragged about how much he loved take-off, but he wasn’t so much into landing. “We thought it was weird at the time, but we were shocked after 9/11 when we saw photos of the terrorists and he was one of them!” She recalled, noting that his wife and children disappeared right after 9/11. “We never saw them again.” Chilling.

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