How did 9/11 change your life?

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Beach reading…

Where were YOU on 9/11?
“Like It Was Yesterday” is a compilation of unpublished and re-edited published material about the effects of 9/11 since the attack took place. It’s a reminder for those of us who were adults in 2001; and for everyone else, it’s a real-life account of how America’s freedom has been eroded since then.
I’m a journalist by trade: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (Human Resource Executive Magazine), and North Hills Monthly Magazine to name a few.
I have written several books, but this is the first one I’ve published. Embarking on my 50th year of life, I find that I am now ready to share my many works with the rest of the world.
As the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I suddenly grasp the importance of teaching those who don’t or can’t remember to REMEMBER. People born right before, during and after 9-11-2001 were robbed of the freedom we used to take for granted. It was hard-fought for by our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, but by the time we reached the 21st Century, we believed we had evolved above brutal war and senseless killing. On 9/11, we found out that we were indeed still vulnerable, and it changed us.
Air travel has changed the most. Now we are ALL under suspicion of a seemingly tyrannical TSA. Gone are the days when you could meet people at the gate and bring a bottle of water through security. Those liberties have been eroded bit by bit, and we largely accept it in the name of safety. But the terrorists strike regardless. (Shoe bomber, underwear bomber, Boston bombers) It’s a greater power that limits their destruction, and our government pretends they were powerless despite warnings that these people were planning to strike.

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