Trump supporters take on Florida

imageimageI hit the polls early on this Super Tuesday and cast my vote for the first time in the great state of Florida. It was strange to write on a paper ballot after all these years of electronic voting in PA, but I dealt with it. On the way out of the mall, I encountered some Trump supporters.
Real estate professional David Small was never involved with politics before today, but there he was, standing in front of Coral Ridge Mall on Super Tuesday surrounded by Trump banners and yard signs, “Trying to make a difference rather than complain by inserting myself into the process.”
Small said he used to be in the mortgage business and marveled at how difficult it is to own a business nowadays. “There are so many regulations and taxes, it’s burdensome to run a company,” he said, recalling the way builders raised their prices in congruence with FHA loans and started the housing bubble, which burst and caused the Great Recession in 2007. Many people lost their homes and their jobs.
“We’re becoming a dependent nation,” he observed, adding that educational institutions have also adjusted their prices to reflect federal grants. “Federal handouts make everything too expensive and corrupt. We need to get back to rejoicing America and being productive again because the American Dream is slowly disappearing.”
Small believes that businessman Donald Trump will help Americans reclaim their dreams and restore pride in this great nation.
While I was speaking with him and his friend, Nick, a Hispanic woman walked by and called us all “Hitler”. As a Jew, this was certainly a first for me! I informed her that I am Jewish, but she just doubled down and kept screaming HITLER at me. It was as if she didn’t really know who Hitler was.
A little way up the road, two women were waving Trump signs at people… and some called them RACISTS. Lisa Milam of Ft. Lauderdale showed me a photo of her son with his best friends (all had different skin tones) and declared that she was not at all racist. Why would anyone say that about her?
“Our society is so corrupted anymore that they don’t even know who we are,” commented her friend, Jane. “We’re not bigots or racists… we just love our country.”
“In our hearts we need to do whatever we can to make sure Trump wins,” said Lisa, proudly holding her VOTE FOR TRUMP sign even as a man driving by shot her his middle finger. “I feel like this is the most important election in my lifetime. I’m standing here today, because you have to hedge the guilt factor by knowing you did the best you could.”
Lisa said that Donald Trump is not racist or a fascist or a bigot or even “a ten-year-old,” as one lady claimed.
It’s because he’s a successful, media-savvy businessman that Smalls wants Donald Trump to become the next POTUS. “The Establisment is scared that Trump will take away power from corrupt politicians,” he said, adding that no other candidate is capable of beating the rigged system, which consists of a leftist media and politicians who fear the loss of their government-sponsored gravy train. “Love him or hate him, he’s the only candidate who has any chance of beating Hillary Clinton.”

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