My first memory of Prince

We didn't always know what to call him, but we knew he loved the color purple.
We didn’t always know what to call him, but we knew he loved the color purple.
Rest In Peace, Prince
Rest In Peace, Prince

I first became aware of Prince in 1981 when he pushed me into a Ms. Pacman machine in a motel lobby in Hampton, Virginia.
True story! It was right after my cousin’s bar mitzvah, and I and my teenaged siblings were playing video games near the hotel’s rear entrance when Prince arrived with his entourage. We knew he was someone famous, but I had never heard of him. His tour bus was purple and had the most beautiful mural of horses emblazoned on it.
We couldn’t get into the hotel without proving we were guests, but when Prince walked into the place, it was mass chaos with many adoring fans clamoring to touch the diminutive, purple-clad character; who despite having a very capable bodyguard behind him, was doing a top-notch job of body-guarding himself.
I was just playing Pacman when I felt his hand roughly push me into the game console. I didn’t even know it was Prince, but the women who saw what happened went bonkers! “Oooohhhh! Prince just touched you! He touched you HARD!” They squealed as they reached over to pat my back. I was just confused and maybe kind of angry at the little dude with the extravagant hair and make-up. He seemed pretty arrogant!
When we got back home to Pittsburgh, I told my friends about it, and no one else had heard of Prince…except Lori O’Barto. She was always so trendy. I miss driving to the Jersey Shore with her in my dad’s convertible right after we graduated from high school singing about 1999 in 1983!
But I won’t miss Prince, because I never even knew him. I’ll always have his music, though. His music runs loudly on the soundtrack of my life. God rest his soul.

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